The Covid-19 crisis delivered a shock to the private club industry
unlike anything we’ve seen.

With each passing day, the landscape in which we operate shifts – forcing private clubs to adjust rapidly – or face some very harsh realities. The extensive tools, resources, best practices and institutional knowledge used to help ClubCorp clubs navigate these uncharted waters is being leveraged for the benefit of ClubLife Management clients.

No other management company in the space can offer that.

Information & Resources

Navigating the cumbersome CARES ACT and PPP programs has proven to be a significant challenge to private clubs across the country. We have been able to provide our clients with rapid information, resources and people support, helping managed clubs to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans – keeping key staff members employed and our managed clubs operational.

Targeted Retention Plans

The far-reaching economic impact of Covid-19 has forced many clubs to face the harsh reality of a receding dues line. We’ve worked with our clients to stay ahead of the curve throughout the crisis, developing innovative member dues credit plans and highly targeted retention programs to minimize attrition and keep their clubs in a position to deliver unrivaled service once we emerge from the crisis.

Member Engagement / Marketing

With mandates to maintain social distance or stay at home, keeping your Members engaged can be more challenging than ever before. Throughout this uncertain time, ClubLife Management has provided Members a wealth of virtual programming to keep them connected, healthy and enjoying life. Members have participated in virtual workouts, wine tastings from renowned winemakers, celebrity chef cooking demos, family classes on manners, magic shows and more.

Carryout / To-Go

At the start of the pandemic, many club F&B operations were forced to transition to a to-go and curbside service only model almost overnight. Our managed clubs were able to hit the ground running in this new environment, as we provided our clients with ready-made marketing campaigns and standard operational procedures to implement from the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.

Pop-Up Grocery Stores

When staples started disappearing from grocery stores, ClubLife Management’s ready access to resources made it possible to offer basic supplies to support the needs of Members. Clubs offered everything from meals to go, toilet paper and paper towels, to fresh vegetables and meats giving Members a convenient way to get necessities, avoid grocery stores and stay connected to their Club.

Reopening / Transition Plans

What does a post-Covid-19 world look like? Nobody knows for sure, but planning for the future has never been more important. ClubLife Management is leading the way by helping our clients proactively develop transitional operation plans and contingency plans based on a variety of reopening and modified operations scenarios.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"From helping us navigate the challenging COVID-19 impacts, to delivering a digital member engagement platform to keep our members connected – ClubLife Management has worked in lock-step with our Board to keep our club running smoothly during the pandemic. Their partnership has been invaluable, and together we look forward to an even brighter future for our Club.”
– Bob Baird, President, Board of Directors – Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club, Santa Rosa Beach, FLA

“The tools, resources and expertise that ClubLife Management has provided our Club during the Covid-19 crisis has proven invaluable. During this difficult time, our Board has taken tremendous comfort in knowing we have a partner in ClubLife that can help us navigate this uncharted territory. I’m confident we’ll emerge a stronger Club once we reach the other side.”
– Bob Buthod, Club President – Crystal Lake Country Club – Crystal Lake, Ill

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